Oh Bliss, oh Rapture…

…oh rapture, oh BLISS!

(How can you tell I’m in the pit Orchestra for HMS Pinafore?)

Anyways, yesterday was a great day. I had Deathdaisy camped out on Jaguero Isle, and Silea by the Gaping Chasm in Tanaris for about 2 weeks, waiting for rain and sandstorms, respectively. Every time I logged on to level up my druids, I would pop over to them and check for pets. I logged on to Silea early yesterday morning, and as luck would have it, it was the middle of a sandstorm! I ran down into the Chasm, and picked up a Silithid Hatchling of my very own.

My new skittery little lovely!

My new skittery little lovely!

I checked in on Deathdaisy, but no luck. After playing for most of the morning, I stopped in with her again over lunch, and lo and behold: rain! The ever elusive Baby Ape is now mine! Mwahahaha!

Look how fierce he is!

Look how fierce he is!

Happy days for this pet collecter! Now, I only have to grab the Minfernal for Old World-level pets, and I’ve got everything from Outland. Onto Northrend I go, once I level my Terrible Turnip up to 20 like the others.

Question for you, readers: what is the most recent pet you obtained? And what is the most difficult pet that you obtained?


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