Rise, Legendary!

Sighing, I finally give in and, gracelessly plopping down to the ground, pull off my boots. This miserable fool would pay for all that he put me through. I stand again, relishing the soft sand between my toes for only a moment. I trudge on, ignoring the hissing and shrieking of the nearby Hive’Ashi, and keep my eyes on the horizon – on the Crystal Vale. This fresh torment started several weeks ago…

“Hello, what’s this?” I pulled a shiny silver bracer from the wrist of the now-dead elemental known as Baron Geddon. I gasped at the pure, untapped power surging through the band of metal, knowing it held something truly magnificent…and terrible. I knew of only one man who could possibly know of the binding. It would be several hours by gryphon to Menethil Harbour, at least a day’s journey by boat to Theramore, and several days on horseback to reach Silithus, but if this was what I thought it might be… oh, it would be worth it. Why, this was the stuff of legends...



I met the highlord Demitrian several days after finding the binding. The simpering wretch told me of his “Master’s eternal prison”, and that he must be freed from it. I was quick to dismiss this as idle prattle, and not worth my time, when he told me he held the vessel of his Master – to open it, one would have to fortify the vessel, and destroy the Firelord himself. He mentioned one item of import: the vessel must be fortified with a mineral called elementium. I would have to seek out an Earthshaper to instruct me in the acquisition of elementium.

“I will scour all of Azeroth for this Earthshaper,” I had promised him. As I examined the vessel he handed me, he inquired if I would free this “Thunderaan” from his prison. I glared at him from the corner of my eye, and gave a single curt nod. He grinned.

“May you be protected in your crusade. May the Master bless your efforts.”


I finally found an Earthshaper, an elf by the name of Franzahl, in Winterspring’s Darkwhisper Gorge. He told me what he knew of elementium.

“A former student of mine by the name of Krixix spent a lifetime attempting to make contact with the chained Gods of the underworld. He pursued that which would spring up from the ravaged earth… that which would form only as a result of the elements clashing in the titanic conflict. Elementium, as it would be known to mortals. One day, nearly a decade ago, Krixix’s pursuit lead to a fissure forming in this very gorge. Out of the fissure sprung an agent of Therazane!” He was silent for a moment, contemplative. I motioned for him to continue. “The fissure closed, and Krixix – was gone. Swallowed whole!”

Finally, he warned me that I may not truly want what it is I seek, that I play with beings older than time. He also advised me that his former apprentice would likely not willingly part with the information I desired. I bid him farewell, looking forward to wresting the secrets of elementium from this goblin.


Days turned to weeks, which turned to months. I lost track of the number of times I entered the Molten Core; as soon as I had returned, I had obtained the essence of the Firelord, as well as plenty of Fiery Cores for the Enchanted Elementium Bars. The second Binding continued to prove elusive, much to my frustration. I had been told that the great lava elemental Garr was entrusted with its protection, but for all my time there, I had not seen it. Finally, after the power of the Core had regenerated him seventeen times, I noticed the familiar silver glint beneath his own golden bracers.

I pulled it off, and with a groan, sank to the floor. So close to being done, and still oh, so far away…


I rode around Silithus on my Nether ray, Cerlu, and mined Thorium, both for its ore, and for the arcane crystals sometimes found in its veins.


I will not go into any further detail, as I will not be able to explain or excuse any … completely accidental deaths that may occur as a result. I had better be getting a damn good reward…

As I approach, I see Demitrian look up to me. He sees the bulging bag on my back, and grins. “Were you able to collect all the reagents, my friend?” I heave the bag off my shoulder, hearing it hit the ground with a dull clank. I kneel down and begin pulling everything from the bag, and I vent my rage frustration towards Demitiran as I do so.

“Listen here, whelp: I have spent months, slaying the minions of Ragnaros, killing thousands of elementals, risking life and limb for your precious “Master”. I cannot explain the countless hours, nay, days, I have spent in this Goddess-forsaken wasteland for the minerals for fortifying his vessel. I have braved the very lair of Nefarian for your precious elementium “stuff of legend”. I have put my unlife on the line, and have spent months labouring for you under some false pretense of getting power in return. Here’s your damn reagents.” I finally look up to him after pulling everything from the sack, and see him… smiling? Oh, no…

“Even in dreams, I did not dare forsee this day,” he murmurs, in awe. “Behold, mortal.” The ground behind me shakes, and the earth elementals in the area flee. Oh, fel no. Demitrian spreads his arms wide. “BEHOLD, HE WHO IS OLDER THAN EXISTENCE! BEHOLD, HE WHO HAS FACED TITAN AND GOD ALIKE! RISE, MY MASTER! BREAK FROM YOUR BONDS!” The wind picks up, and a rich, accented voice fills the air.

My power is discombobulatingly  devastating! It is ludicrous that this mortal even attempts to enter my realm!” I turn around, and –





The elemental is huge – possibly even larger than Ragnaros. The air around him swirls and becomes part of his form, making him even more impressive. His wrists are bound in the very shackles I liberated from the Molten Core, and a great crown of cloud sits atop his brow. His great fist grasps a phenomenal sword, a blade forged of elementium and lightning. This is the Windseeker, the Lord of Air.

Prince Thunderaan.

I size up the elemental lord, and pull my kyparite blade from its holster upon my back. As I walk towards him, I reach my power down into the sand; I am almost knocked back by the force of the response. Thousands of helpless adventurers, lying dead in these wastes – lured there by Demitrian’s promises of power, no doubt. I call them to me, and they rise, desperate for their revenge.


I raise my blade; Thunderaan is not the first elemental I have defeated, but his death will certainly be the sweetest.

As he dissipates, his great sword tumbles through the air, cleaving itself half-buried in the earth.


I stride up to it, and with the strength, the very arms of a thousand dead, I heave it free with a groan. I hoist it up to rest upon my shoulder, and calmly – composedly – turn to face Demitrian.

“You wretched worm,” I spit, as I stalk towards him. His expression turns fearful, his hands shaking as he stumbles backwards, away from me. I match him, step for step, my rage palpable.

“You think me a fool, just another dupe you can sacrifice for your Master? You think me weak enough to bow before Thunderaan?” I grab a fistful of his scarlet robes, and after lifting him off the ground, I slam his back into the face of the mountain. I move my face in close to his, to make sure he sees both the fury within and the cold blue glow emanating from my eyes; make sure he hears the dead echoing my voice, and sees my fangs. I throw the blade to the ground. I growl at this simpering fool.

“Wake it. Wake the blade with the reagents I gathered for you, or so help me Goddess, you will learn, firsthand, why they call us ‘monsters'”. I throw him roughly to the ground.

“P-please – do not harm me!” he begs. Pathetic. He combines the items with the blade, and after a few moments, it shrinks to a more manageable size, and the lightning returns to its heart. “Take it! Take the blade, and leave poor Demitrian to reshape his pathetic life.” I glower at him as I pull the sword from his hands. He cowers from me, and I spit at his feet. If I never see this cretin again, it will be too soon. I balance the blade on my shoulder and stomp away from the Vale. As I stop to pick up my boots, I wonder where I’ll… display … Thunderfury first. Stormwind’s Trade District sounds like a good first stop…


In other news, Deathdaisy is now officially Legendary! /cheer! This is my first time really writing anything for any of my WoW characters, which is weird, as Deathdaisy isn’t one of my RP characters. However, the elation of having Garr finally drop the second Binding, and the rage over farming Thorium in Silithus when everyone else was too – I needed to write something. Therapy, y’know? It’s also my personal headcanon that Thunderaan has the same voice as Nexus-Prince Shaffar. /swoon.

I am also so, so sorry that I haven’t updated in 2 weeks. I will try to be more diligent about updating, and I know I will have another post either tomorrow or today, so – be on the lookout for that.

Question for you, readers: Have you ever obtained a Legendary? What was it, and how frustrated overjoyed were you when you (finally) got it?

– Katherine


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