Iron Man: You Don’t Know Fear… (2/9)

…until you’ve quested in Ghostlands and you aren’t allowed to die. For you see, there are not one, not two, not three, but four elite quest mobs throughout the zone. Kel’Gash the Wicked is an easy kill, but the other three. Whoo, boy.

Luzran aka You Don't Know Fear Until       Luzran and Knucklerot

For those of you who haven’t quested in Ghostlands, Knucklerot and Luzran are level 21 elite abominations: Luzran wanders up and down the Dead Scar, while Knucklerot travels on the road from Windrunner Village to the Howling Ziggurat. They also do buttloads of damage, and as you can see, their paths can cross. Leveling in there as a level 17 druid was terrifying – I even ended up Hearthstoning out of each ziggurat out of fear. There is also a rare spawn, Dr. Whitherlimb, who can spawn in either the Bleeding or Howling Ziggurats, or in a number of locations in Deathholme. I jumped about a foot in the air when SilverDragon went off outside the Ziggurat (paranoia from abominations is the worst XD)

As if they weren’t enough, there is still another elite quest mob: Dar’Khan Drathir. A traitorous blood (high?) elf, located in the city of Deathholme. Also a level 21 elite, he takes a lot of damage before he really gets hurt. He also deals a lot of damage, and has a fear that can send you right into as many as 4 groups of hostile mobs. Thankfully, I cleared out two of them, and he didn’t fear me into the others.

While fighting Dar’Khan, I realized something that I took for granted on my main druids: Natural Insight. This is a passive ability gained at level 10 for Balance and Restoration druids, which increases your mana pool by 400%. I tend to go in cat form for questing, so I didn’t really notice it, but wow. I soloed Dar’Khan in cat and only went out to heal myself, and I ended up running out of mana – from about 8 or 9 casts of Rejuvenation. That’s crazy!

By the way, I soloed Kel’Gash at level 20, Knucklerot and Luzran at 21, and Dar’Khan at 22. Which, of course, is the point of this post:

My dear, sweet, precious Mora has now passed her second milestone: level 20! Hoping to get her to 90 before Warlords, but we’ll see how things go.



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