A Brand New You!

With Warlords of Draenor getting ever nearer, I decided to hop on the bandwagon of many a WoW blogger: viewing their characters in their new models.

For many of my girls, this was like them getting dolled up for a night out: looking much better than they usually try to be, but still recognizable as them. Others… well, let’s just say it’s more akin to getting plastic surgery done while I was out XD.

First up, here’s my main, Deathdaisy:

Deathdaisy pink hair 1 Wowhead Deathdaisy - post WoD

Overall, I’m very happy with DD’s new look. She has a great somber expression, and the eyes look a million times better than they did before. I’m a little confused as to why her markings aren’t there, as I have seen them on screenshots and files from the beta. I was a little worried for a while, as the model viewer had given her jet-black hair for several months, and I was concerned that I would be losing her beautiful magenta locks. I also like that the hairstyle is a little less poofy in the front. The hairband detail is gorgeous, and all the details in the new Night Elf model are lovely. Easily one of my three favourite updated models.

Up next is Kethysa:

Kethysa pre-WoD Wowhead Kethysa - post WoD

Again, I adore the new Night Elf female model. Again, not sure where her tattoos are, but, meh. They should be there when the models are implemented. I’m not sure why her eyes are blue, but it might just be because I viewed Deathdaisy right before I viewed her – seeing as Ciel’s eyes are the appropriate silver, I’m gonna assume that was WoWhead’s fault. I love the hair; they volume on top of the head instead of the terrible flat pixelation we currently have, and the texture and weight of the braid itself. And holy crap – hair actually moves now! So excited! Her expression is also great for her character – like Deathdaisy, somber and no-nonsense.

Next is Zan’jun:

Zan'jun pre-WoD Wowhead Zan'jun - post WoD

Wow. New female Trolls are also in the top three new models. In addition to new Blinking Action, she also has the facial expression that I always envisioned for her: I tend to choose the “pretty” option, not because the others are ugly, but because those expressions are all snarls and sneers. Zan’jun is fun-loving and more than a bit sensual – grimacing doesn’t suit her. But the pretty face never suited her either. I think Blizz found a good middle-ground with this one. The new body is fantastic, although I’m still disappointed that she doesn’t get abs. The hair is absolutely fantastic, and again, the different texture and weight make me absolutely adore this model. The only thing I’m iffy on is the feet, but I think it’s because the ankles are thicker on the new model. Or not. I can’t tell.

Next, we have Aleer:

Aleer pre-WoD Wowhead Aleer - post WoD

I think hers and Mora’s are the ones I’m the least happy with. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the new Tauren female model; it’s just… too much changed on them specifically. But starting with the good things: The hair looks like actual hair now, and the ties look much better on the braids. The overall update looks amazing – just look at the detail in the hooves! I also really love the detail in the horns and her new face. The thing that’s kinda ticking me off about her model (as well as Mora’s) is skin/fur tone. Her current model is the black & white spotted skin – my personal favourite. However, the updated model has the black looking more like a medium shade of grey – not even dark – and the white goes much farther up her neck/chin than it does in the current model. I love the new model, but I’m not happy with how her skin looks completely different from what I created her to look like – if I wanted grey and white spotted skin, I would have chosen it!

Next, we have my other Tauren, Mora:

Mora pre-WoD Wowhead Mora - post WoD

With Mora, I have the exact opposite problem: her skin appears far darker in the new model than it does in the current one. Again, I chose the tan fur for a reason. If there is a lighter fur colour (that’s still brown) available for the new models, I probably won’t actually choose it – my druids tend to be built around their transformation colours, and I made Mora with a particular cat/bear in mind. I have to admit, armor fits way better on the new model, and her body is more like what a Tauren body should look like. I also like the texture on the broken horn on the new model.

Next is my lovely priest, Ciel:

Ciel pre-WoD Wowhead Ciel - post WoD

Wow I need to update her WoWhead profile. Again, the mysterious case of the Missing Markings. While the model is far better than the current one, I think the details are … not my preferred. Her expression is far too serious for her personality – she’s generous, gentle, and kind-hearted; she’s also a chronic baker, and shares her food with everyone around. Her current expression isn’t great, but it’s slightly better than the new one. I also think I prefer her current hairstyle to the new one. She may end up planning a trip to the Barbershop soon…

Lastly, we have my Draenei hunter, Tivaan:

Tivaan - pre WoD WoWhead Tivaan - post WoD

The differences between these two models aren’t drastic ones like we see with the Tauren, Trolls, and Night Elves. The musculature is absolutely fantastic, and I love the new width of her hips. Her hair is also gorgeous in comparison to her old hair. Again, not sure about the blue eyes – do all Draenei have blue eyes now? Will it be a possible option? I have to admit, I’m kinda partial to the silver. This would be the third of my Top 3 new models. Also, don’t ask what’s going on with her gun.

Mei isn’t getting an update, as she’s Pandaren; Lannea doesn’t have one yet, as she’s a Blood Elf; Nixi (Gnome) and Katheri (Human) aren’t level 10 yet, so I can’t view them on WoWhead’s model viewer; and Sylphera isn’t level 10 either, but I’ve already seen the new Night Elf model 3 times, so I don’t think it’s really necessary to see again…at least on the blog.

The only girl who I want to see at this point is Isabelle, but…she’s a Worgen. I can’t see her human form on the model viewer, as it only shows the default Worgen form. Frustration.

In any case, I hope everyone is able to reconcile their well-loved characters with their new looks – Or, if not, I hope Blizz will implement a one-time-per-character makeover, to make sure that everyone’s happy with their toons. Question for you, readers: which 3 new models (race and sex) are your favourites?

– Katherine


2 thoughts on “A Brand New You!

  1. I just found your blog, and I wanted to say, I totally love your writing style! Keep up the great work!

    As to your article, this was a great analysis of the changes. I agree with you on the draenei eyes, the blue reminds me too much of death knights, and draenei are not death knights. And it seems like the tauren are from two different games unfortunately. But those nightelves, man they transferred over great! Once the tattoos are implemented, all will be right in the world for those models. I hadn’t see the ‘pretty’ troll face yet, and honestly I’m kinda surprised how fierce and expressive it looked. I guess I’m just used to the old blank, unblinking, and somewhat attractive (in comparison to the other old faces) troll face. Oh, be prepared for shock and (possibly) horror when you upload your gnome. They aren’t cutesie anymore.
    My favorite favorite models are the female orcs, the female undead, and the female draenei. I think those stayed true to the original the best, but massively upgraded the body model.

    Just to let you know, Blizzard has implemented a face change to the barber shop in the PTR. So you can now plastic surgery your character’s face to any of the other options for that race/gender. /cheer!

    • Aww, thank you so much!

      The new models for me were equal parts excitement and trepidation – I love the art updates, but I’ve had my characters for a while, and I know what they look like, ya know?
      I adore the new female Night Elves and Trolls – which is good, as they are my favourite Alliance and Horde races! I just wish all the other models transferred over just as well. :/
      Oh my, yes – I love the new female orcs and undead as well! I have continually been impressed with Blizzard’s art team with these models.

      I know, I’m so excited! Let me tell you, the first day of Warlords will be spent entirely at the Barbershop. 😉
      Thank you again for your kind words!

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