Thoughts on Warlords… and an Explaination

Wow… two months and ten days since my last post.

Honestly, I didn’t plan on being away – but I kind of knew when I started this blog that my updates would start diligent and regular, but would eventually become sporadic as all hell. I didn’t realize it would be this quick, though.

School. School got in the way. Midterms in the middle and end of October, final projects and papers in November, and 3 finals in the first two weeks of December, and now I’m taking a bit of time to breath, and having Christmas with the family tomorrow. From my last post until Warlords launch, I didn’t play any WoW, so that explains why I had nothing to post. The rest was mostly just taking my time through new content and getting a chance to go through some old stuff as well. Be prepared, this post will be a big one, to make up for the time I’ve lost. 🙂

To start off, I’ve seen lots of complaints about the new models. And, yeah, I acknowledge that there are some faults with some, and things that I would have done differently with others, but despite that, I honestly love what Blizzard has done with them. My girls have never looked better.

Deathdaisy's lookin' good~

Deathdaisy’s lookin’ good~

Althene couldn't have a better expression if I had chosen it myself.

Althene couldn’t have a better expression if I had chosen it myself.

Of course, I love all the girls, but I haven’t taken screenshots of everybody’s new looks yet. Honestly, I could wax poetic about how hair actually moves with them now, and the facial expressions, and how all their emotes just look alive – but that’s a post for another day. 😉

I also got Deathdaisy up to level 100! My original intention was to level her up in time to run 40 man MC. I had a bit of a change of heart, however. On one hand, run it because a) mount, b) pet, and c) Blizz actually did something for the anniversary. On the other hand, my internet connection can occasionally be stupid, and my lag is horrendous. I didn’t think I would’ve enjoyed trying to run MC with those conditions, so I guess I won’t be getting the Core Hound mount. ;_; On the other hand, I was able to spend some time enjoying every zone without feeling rushed, and could enjoy the stories and the scenery.

Arak puzzle 1

Spires of Arak

Arak puzzle 3

Spires of Arak

Deathdaisy Taylor

You have, and always will be, my friend.

Pilgrim's shrine

Pilgrim’s Shrine in Shadowmoon


Girl’s Night Out in Tanaan!

Talador Finale

Talador Finale


Talador side-quest 🙂

Baby Naaru

I know it’s probably just a statue, but I can’t help thinking that that is a baby Naaru. It’s all cute and squishy!

Talador Sky

Talador Sky


Shadowmoon Sky (in some areas)

These are kind of a “greatest hits” of the screenshots I’ve taken so far. However, my favourite storytelling moment was this:

Read the quest text

Read the quest text

I always love when Blizzard puts in these little nods to the individual character, such as giving Death Knights an option to discuss their past. I also love when we have a choice in our action because I know exactly which characters will be using each dialogue option for that quest.

I have also been really enjoying my Garrison, which is surprising, as I was quite on the fence with it before launch, and was unsure if any of my characters were going to bother with leveling it and the buildings up. Sadly, I don’t have much for screenshots at the moment, but I do have this one 😉

I love how unimpressed she looks!

I love how unimpressed she looks!

In addition to all of this, I’ve obtained several new pets from WoD so far – I’ll get more when I finally get around to levelling my main battle team up to 25.

From Spires of Arak rare spawn

From Spires of Arak rare spawn

From Gorgrond rare spawn - also the first WoD pet I got!

From Gorgrond rare spawn – also the first WoD pet I got!

From Spires of Arak quest

From Spires of Arak quest

From Nagrand quest

From Nagrand quest

From rare spawn nests around Talador

From rare spawn nests around Talador

I can honestly say that Doom Bloom is in my top 5 favourite owned pets – along with the Celestial Dragon, Molten Corgi, Phoenix Hatchling, and Sea Pony.

I’ve also boosted Althene to 90, got both Zan’jun and Kethysa to 80, and done a fair bit of levelling on my non-druid alts (by fair bit, I mean all but 1 has moved on from the starting zone).

I have another reason for my prolonged absence, but between this post and the one I’ll make either tomorrow or the 26th, I think it can wait for another day. 😉

I’m also going to have to make another post concerning the actual, live changes to my girls and their bodies and faces, along with the rants about what Blizz did to my class.

So far, Warlords is shaping up to be one of my favourite expansions, and pardon my French, but Goddamn I love Yrel. And Maraad. And Maladaar. Just all the Draenei, really. ;p

In any case, that is my awkward and apologetic return to the blog, and I hope everyone enjoys the expansion, and has a Happy Holiday and New Year!

– Katherine


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