Happy (Late!) Winter Veil!

So according to my brain, “tomorrow or the 26th” means “a month from now”. I did honestly want to get this out sooner, but between scheduling and my unparalleled ability to get distracted by everything, I just… didn’t. Oops.

In any case, I had an idea for Winter Veil this year, which I started back in July. All my girls would do their usual questing and leveling, but as they did so, they would gather presents – stuff like crafting recipes or BoE green drops – and give each other gifts in December. Of course, Hordies couldn’t send stuff to the Alliance, and vice versa, but other than that, everyone got something from someone. The fun part was that I wrapped stuff as I got it, so by the time Winter Veil rolled around, I couldn’t remember what was in every box. I was opening gifts, too!

On with the Christmas-morning-opening-presents-photos!


WV 2k14 Kethysa 1WV 2k14 Kethysa 2WV 2k14 Kethysa 3WV 2k14 Kethysa 4

Kethysa got some good stuff from her friends. Of course Isabelle would know exactly what to get everybody, and in particular, get Kethysa something that would help her improve not just her Alchemy, but also her demon-killing. Ciel, on the other hand… sweetie, I’m trying to keep this a PG blog. Honestly, she gets an idea in her head…


WV 2k14 Isabelle 1WV 2k14 Isabelle 2WV 2k14 Isabelle 3WV 2k14 Isabelle 4WV 2k14 Isabelle 5WV 2k14 Isabelle 6WV 2k14 Isabelle 7

Wow, Isabelle got a lot of stuff. I can see Ciel and Isabelle being very supportive of one another with their respective professions, and occasionally getting together and making a combination leatherworking/tailoring piece. The Conifer Cone staff from Kethysa was the most expensive gift, as I realized that Kethysa hadn’t gotten many people stuff, so I hopped on to the Auction House on Christmas Eve to get stuff for the girls – which is surprisingly accurate for Kethysa! And of course, Althene has been running raids for transmog gear, so it’s only natural she found something along the way for gifts.


WV 2k14 Ciel 1WV 2k14 Ciel 2WV 2k14 Ciel 3WV 2k14 Ciel 4WV 2k14 Ciel 5WV 2k14 Ciel 6

Wow, Kethysa; your adorable and sweet fiancee gets you some lovely and entirely practical boots for Winter Veil, and you can’t even get her anything in return? Honestly, who taught you about romance? On the other hand, Isabelle has got to be the most conscientious gift-giver ever – helping your friend obtain closure after a terribly emotionally violating experience, and then getting her a very practical gift like she gave you. Kudos.


WV 2k14 Mei 1WV 2k14 Mei 2WV 2k14 Mei 3WV 2k14 Mei 4

Honestly, Isabelle’s the best. I can’t say anything more than that for this gift. And Kethysa – come ON! Althene is doing better than you for gift-giving, for Elune’s sake! Althene, once again, killing two birds with one stone as she’s running dungeons and raids and picking up gifts for the holidays at the same time.

…Was that just a metaphor for holiday shopping rush?


WV 2k14 Althene 1WV 2k14 Althene 2

Clearly, you do know, Kethysa, because your friends aren’t going to get you anything next year. Nah, I’m kidding, they love her – and her inability to get them stuff for the holidays. That torch is a rare drop from Outland mobs, mostly in Hellfire, I think. There’s no way I could manage to be patient enough to farm it, so – Kethysa in the Auction House again.

I think I should mention that a few of these gifts, whether already given, or coming up with the Hordies, have to do with these girls’ stories, which I haven’t put on the blog yet. Getting their stories written and uploaded is my summer project for 2015, so any confusion should be made clear then – but feel free to ask about them anyways, if you want to know earlier!


WV 2k14 Zanjun 1WV 2k14 Zanjun 2WV 2k14 Zanjun 3WV 2k14 Zanjun 4

If Kethysa’s the bad shopper on the Alliance side, then Aleer is the bad shopper on the Horde. Like, you could get your best friends something, but nah. Why bother.

All jokes, of course. However, Zan’jun doesn’t want me to have good photos of her, apparently. And Mora’s second gift ended up getting sold this week, as I was clearing out banks and deciding what I really need on each character, and what I really don’t.


WV 2k14 Aleer 1WV 2k14 Aleer 2

So, apparently something happened between Zan’jun and Aleer that I don’t know about, because they completely snubbed each other in the gift department. And, I’m so sorry Mora, my darling, but your gifts are just…too good to keep? Yeah, that’s it.


WV 2k14 Mora 1WV 2k14 Mora 2WV 2k14 Mora 3WV 2k14 Mora 4WV 2k14 Mora 5WV 2k14 Mora 6WV 2k14 Mora 7

Mora got so. Much. Practical. Stuff. This is like every one of you relatives getting you socks for Christmas – and all you wanted was socks. She will actually use all of this stuff before selling it, hint hint.

Kethysa, Aleer and Zan’jun were horrid gift givers this year. Kethysa got two people gifts, neither of which were the way she was supposed to get them, and neither were her fiancee, either. On the other hand, Isabelle was absolutely fantastic, and Mora tried so hard to be on the same level – if only her sister and sister’s best friends weren’t so darned ungrateful.

So that’s my Winter Veil 2014 post! I plan on doing this again for 2015, but with 2 minor changes: 1, I will be hopefully adding my other alts into the mix this year, so more gifting in general; and 2, I will actually keep track of who actually got gifts for who. That way I don’t have Isabelle getting Ciel 4 gifts, and Kethysa getting her none (nope, you’re never gonna live it down, K).

Happy Winter Veil, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year to all!



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