A Brand New You – Part 3!

Well, this was supposed to be out last Thursday, but I ran out of time to finish on Thursday, then my computer started acting up of Friday, and I couldn’t get it to work again until late on Saturday, and then I spent most of Sunday getting everything put back on it. Oh well – better late than never!

Anyways – now that Warlords is live, Blood Elf Models are on the way, and MMO-Champion has posted some screenshots of updates to several models, I guess it’s time for me to give a second opinion of these models. Buckle your seatbelts; you’re in for a long ride, readers.

Starting with my impressions of my girls’ officially updated models, I’m going to give a bit of a comparison – looking at the Beta WoWhead models, as compared to what ended up going live. First off, all the Night Elves:

Wowhead Deathdaisy - post WoDWowhead Kethysa - post WoDWowhead Ciel - post WoDSylphera WoWhead post WoD

Deathdaisy post WoD 1Deathdaisy post WoD 2 Deathdaisy post WoD 3Kethysa post WoD 1Kethysa post WoD 2Kethysa post WoD 3Ciel post WoD 1 Sylphera post WoD 1

Overall, the Elves look pretty similar to how they looked in Beta. The biggest difference is honestly the fact that they actually have markings, and their resting expressions. And I finally figured out what was happening with the eyes on the WoWhead profiles – the eyes are blank blue with a white glow over top. Rejoice! I absolutely adore how expressive all these models are. The sheer anger in some of Kethysa’s expressions, and the just… those flex faces….god, yes. I will also admit that I was concerned for how Sylphera would look, but I can see my fears were unfounded – she looks so beautiful, just like the rest of them. 🙂

How about some humans next?

Katheri WoWhead post WoD

Isabelle post WoD 1Isabelle post WoD 2Katheri post WoD 1Katheri post WoD 2Katheri post WoD 3

I don’t have a comparison shot for Isabelle’s Beta human form, but I assume it would look something like Katheri’s. Honestly, I had heard, both during Beta and after release, quite a lot of…. let’s be nice and say “dissatisfaction” with the Human female models. I just… can’t see it? I love these models; the updating graphics, the expressions, the emotions, all of it. Sure, I might change stuff here and there, but if I did, it would be for each individual character to look more like I imagine them. And Blizzard, please; let Worgens use the Barbershop in Human form, please – I care much more about how their Human form looks, especially since the options for Worgens all look so similar.

Let’s quickly flip over to the Horde side, shall we?

Wowhead Zan'jun - post WoDWowhead Aleer - post WoDWowhead Mora - post WoD

Zan'jun post WoD 1Zan'jun post WoD 2Zan'jun post WoD 3Zan'jun post WoD 4Aleer post WoD 1Aleer post WoD 2Aleer post WoD 3Aleer post WoD 4Mora post WoD 1Mora post WoD 2Mora post WoD 3

Wow. These girls look good. Starting with Zan’jun – I adore how expressive trolls are now. If you remember what female trolls used to look like, I think a blue Tupperware container melted into the shape of a somewhat attractive face is somewhat accurate; they looked good, but were kinda plastic, and had no expression what so ever. But this? This Zan’jun is the Zan’jun I always knew she was – flirty, funny, sarcastic, emotive, expressive. As for the Tauren, both of these girls look absolutely fantastic. Again, they used to be so plastic and boring. These ladies are now so expressive. Look at how sassy that second shot of Aleer is! And the ferocity in her casting animation! Side note, the shot of Mora’s horn is just to get a look at the, quite frankly, fantastic texture that they added.

Draenei and Gnomes and Blood Elves, oh my!

WoWhead Tivaan - post WoDNixi WoWhead post WoD

Tivaan post WoD 1Nixi post WoD 1Nixi post WoD 2Nixi post WoD 3Nixi post WoD 4

Gonna start with these two for the moment. Tivaan… I still have mixed feelings on. Honestly, the new models are much better that the old ones, and I don’t think she looks bad, per say, I just think that maybe she could stand to have some more touching up done. At first, I disagreed with the general populace, but now I think they might be right; the Draenei ladies are very much suffering from an epidemic of “Blank Stare”. Nixi, on the other hand – Wowza! I was a little bit apprehensive when Gnomes went live, since I know a lot of people had been complaining about same-face and that Blizzard was going to be changing that. I needn’t have worried – she looks absolutely fantastic! Her expressions, particularly for her casting animation, are so, so good. And that hair! I could stare at it all day. I particularly love that the ribbons change colour based on your Gnomes’ hair colour. The only problem I have is her resting expression. It’s not bad, not at all, but I just don’t think it suits her. The expression she had during Beta was much better for her personality. I know that people were upset with same-face, and that Blizzard changed it, but I think they just went from “crazy/happy” same-face to “bored/angry” same-face. The face that she has is honestly the most cheerful of all possible female Gnome faces – which is disappointing, considering the range of facial options in the old models.

And, the lady of the hour… Lannea!

Lannea pre WoDLannea pre WoD 1

Lannea post-WoD


This. This is everything I’ve ever wanted for Blood Elf ladies. The musculature is gorgeous, and the detail in her hair and face is gorgeous. I think Blood Elves had the opposite problem of the Draenei: their old models had serious Blank Stare, while the new model has some great expressions. Seriously; pop onto WoWhead and take a look at the model viewer. Even better, her feet aren’t ridiculously massive like they used to be! Rejoice! I know a lot of the initial reaction was that the new Blood Elf female model had “long” or, more crudely, “Horse-face”. I love the slightly longer, more angular face for these girls. Well done, Blizz!

I can only hope that Blizz listens to the player base and adds in options for darker skin tones for Blood Elves. Lannea should have rich, chocolaty skin – the only reason I went with her current tone rather than one of the darker ones, is because the darker tones just kinda look like sunburns to me. :/

To finish off, MMO-Champion posted some images of changes to some of the other models in 6.1. There are more than these, but I’m only talking about those that apply to my characters.

6.1 draenei female face6.1 gnome female eyes6.1 human female makeup

6.1 nelf female hair and eyes6.1 Tauren female fur

1. Female Draenei – The entire contour of the face has changed, along with the colour and expression of the eyes. The new face looks way more expressive than the current one, so hopefully this helps with the Blank Stare/ same-face issues that they’ve been having.

2. Female Gnomes – Eye-bags removed. Honestly, I don’t even know why the eye-bags were that pronounced in the first place. Hopefully this is the first step into fixing the same-face issue for Gnomes (and make them more cheerful).

3. Female Human – Why. I don’t want either of my humans to have perfect rouged lips or smoky eyes – where the hell would they be getting this makeup from anyways? Blizz is also doing the same to female Dwarves, which is honestly just pissing me off, as the general consensus of the player base is that female Dwarves are one of the most successful new models. Blizzard, repeat after me: It is not necessary for female characters to have full lips, fluttering lashes, and/or any kind of make-up. Thank you.

4. Female Night Elf – 2 changes with this one. The slightly less noticeable is that the base colour for the eyes is being changed from blue to white, to match the silver glow. I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal, but I just don’t understand why Blizzard didn’t just do that in the first place. The other is that their hair is being changed to be more gradient from light to dark. I saw no problem with the current hair, but I have to say, I think I prefer these planned changes!

5. Female Tauren. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Thank you, oh Blizzard. Blizzard finally fixed the issue with female Tauren fur patterns – the spots on the current live models match the spots patterns for the male Tauren, rather than the old model female’s pattern. Not to mention the fact that the black is now actually black, rather than the dark grey it currently is. Huzzah! Now Aleer can go back to her appropriate spots, since I had changed her fur to all-black.

That’s all from me for now. Ta, everyone!




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