It’s Alive!!

I haven’t updated this blog in over a year, and I apologize for that. The reason that I made this blog was so that, in addition to having a place to talk about World of Warcraft and my characters, I would have a project that I would keep relatively regularly updating, as a practice in self-discipline. I seem to have…strayed from that original goal.

There are a couple of reasons as to why I haven’t updated in 12 months. First, as a university student, my classes and extra-curriculars during the school year take up 300% of my time, and I don’t even get time to play, much less time to write about playing. Second, as I just said, I haven’t been online a whole lot, for two reasons: I just don’t have time most days, and that leveling my alts has drained my desire to play, particularly in Warlords content. Third, I have also started playing Wildstar when it went F2P, which I will attempt to make the occasional post about on this blog. I haven’t gotten very far in the game, but I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far.

I’m planning on making two more posts between today and tomorrow, which will be actual blog posts. Just keep in mind: if I don’t update for a long time, and there will be times where I don’t, it just means that my daily life is really hectic and I have no time to play and/or update. Thank you so much to everyone who’ve read or followed this blog, and I promise to try my best to do more on here in the coming months.



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