Iron Man: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (5/5)

My dear, sweet, precious Moragolden – you were my entry into the Iron Man challenge. But unfortunately, this is the end of an era.

Iron Man end of an era

Damn it Tarenar, you’re supposed to help me!

Mora died at the tender level of 42 in Eastern Plaguelands – which, of course, marks the end of her course in the Iron Man Challenge. It does not, however, mark her end completely.

You see, the Iron Man Challenge suggests that you delete your character and start over when you die. However, I’ve grown attached to Mora, created her own character and story. I can’t give up on her now. So, she’s going to be something a little different. Something I’ve nicknamed a “Tin Man”.

Because I’ve had trouble staying motivated with leveling my alts recently, I realized that making leveling one of my characters even harder is not the way to make me stay motivated. To that end, the Tin Man is basically the Iron Man with two changed rules:

  1.  The Tin Man is allowed to die. This is, of course, the biggest break away from the Iron Man, but I feel that leveling a character with heavy restrictions to combat and healing abilities, as well as the gear they can wear, is enough of a challenge in and of itself – particularly with Warlords content. The second rule helps lessen the possibility of death a little more”
  2. The Tin Man is allowed to choose a class specialization, but not any talents, glyphs, etc. The biggest reason for me making this rule was that I want to keep playing Mora in Legion, but to do so, I’d have to do the Artifact weapons quest line, and for that I need her to have a specialization. Mostly, Druid specialization gives you a larger resource pool and a few more abilities – nothing overly game changing, and I am still restricting use of talents and glyphs.

These rules should make leveling somewhat of a challenge, but not so much so that it becomes frustrating or discouraging. Mora is currently specced Guardian and sitting at level 44, almost done in Eastern Plaguelands. I’ll keep you posted from time to time about my Tin Man’s progress! 🙂

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