About the Blogger

Hello all! My name is Katherine, and I’m a student living in Canada. I play 6 different musical instruments (violin, flute, piccolo, cello, piano, saxophone), and can usually be found practicing or at a lesson or rehearsal. I am also an amateur artist and writer – some of which you might find on this blog! I am a voracious reader, and own almost 200 books! How I find the time to read them all, I still don’t know. My favourite genres are fantasy and science fiction, which is why I love Blizzard games so much.

I have played World of Warcraft since 2005, back in its Vanilla years, and have remained faithful. That doesn’t mean I don’t recognize its faults, however. I currently have a number of characters, all of whom can be found on my various “Character” pages along the top. My main toon is Deathdaisy, an Unholy Night Elf Death Knight, but I currently have eighteen WoW toons, and three in Wildstar as well.

I am first and foremost a casual player: I collect pets, mounts, tabards, and titles; farm achievements; grind reputations; and often run dungeons that are around 30 levels lower than my own. I have raided in the past, but they were Vanilla/BC raids, and that was waayyyy back during WotLK. I have never set foot in a battleground or arena, but I do want to try my hand at PvP soon.

I hope to keep this blog updating regularly, and I hope you enjoy my musings and personal milestones!


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