Characters 1: The Druids

Kethysa Woodwhisper

  • A Night Elf self-taught druid who has a bit of a tragic past, a lot of a temper, and more than a little self-worth issues. Finally got around to confessing her crush on Ciel. Current Level: 100


  • A Troll warrior-turned-druid frustrated by the current Horde politics. Doesn’t take sass from anyone, particularly not Kethysa. Current Level: 100

Isabelle Dobson

  • A Worgen druid heartbroken after Liam Greymane’s death and terrified of herself after recieving the Curse. Living with her father in Stormwind after Gilneas rejoined the Alliance. Current Level: 92

Aleer Goldengrain

  • A Tauren druid whose over-controlling mother drove her older brother to leave their family, and her and her sister to run away from home. Working on her self-esteem issues. Current Level: 77

Mora Goldengrain

  • A Tauren druid who ran away from home with her older sister. Despite her very young age, she has an adventuring spirit that can’t be tamed, and is a force of nature. Current Level: 44

Althene Firewalker (previously Leafwalker)

  • A Night Elf druidess, driven to following Fandral Staghelm after the murder of her sister. Once a member of the Druids of the Flame, she has since rejoined the Cenarion Circle, but is forever tainted by Ragnaros’ power. Current Level: 100

Mei Earthpaw

  • A young, free-spirited Pandaren from the Wandering Isle. Originally trained as a Mistweaver Monk, after leaving the Isle she discovered she had an affinity for the Emerald Dream, and is now training as a Balance Druid. Current Level: 58


  • A Green Dragon dedicated to teaching novice druids the tricks of the trade, as well as the importance of setting aside faction boundaries and working together through the Circle. Currently training all the aforementioned druids. Current Level: 20

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