Happy (Late!) Winter Veil!

So according to my brain, “tomorrow or the 26th” means “a month from now”. I did honestly want to get this out sooner, but between scheduling and my unparalleled ability to get distracted by everything, I just… didn’t. Oops.

In any case, I had an idea for Winter Veil this year, which I started back in July. All my girls would do their usual questing and leveling, but as they did so, they would gather presents – stuff like crafting recipes or BoE green drops – and give each other gifts in December. Of course, Hordies couldn’t send stuff to the Alliance, and vice versa, but other than that, everyone got something from someone. The fun part was that I wrapped stuff as I got it, so by the time Winter Veil rolled around, I couldn’t remember what was in every box. I was opening gifts, too!

On with the Christmas-morning-opening-presents-photos!

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Hello and Welcome!

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft ever since 2005, during the Vanilla years. In that time, I’ve come to love (and at times, hate) the WoW community. Recently, I’ve been spending more times on WoW blogs, and I decided, hey, why not make one of my own? I hope to regularly update during the summer, but I make no promises for the rest of the year, due to a busy schedule and starting my first year of University in September. But, enough of that; you probably want to meet these “4 druids and a death knight”.

Deathdaisy is my main character, a level 90 Unholy/Frost Night Elf DK.

Way back in Vanilla, I made my very first character, a human warrior named Goldenblade. The entire reason that I didn’t make a Night Elf, or a druid, was because my sister already made one, and my dad said that we had to make different characters. I honestly can’t remember how much I played her, and how much I got my dad to level her for me. I do remember her getting to 60 before Burning Crusade hit.

I also remember being extremely lucky, and being sick on the second day of BC – in other words, I got to stay home and game out all day. I made two new characters on a new server (Nordrassil) – a Draenei Shaman named Cadrathya, and a Blood Elf Mage named Spinadrella. I got Cadrathya to 16 before I deleted her, and Spinadrella to 20 before she met the same fate. I never could be bothered with leveling; I think it was because I love being able to go anywhere and do anything, without any restriction of level or gear or whatnot. They came back several times, always the same race and class, but never got much farther than previous attempts. I still played Goldenblade, and got her to level 70 in Outland. However, she fell to the wayside when I heard the news about Wrath of the Lich King.

When I heard about Wrath, I got my sister to hurry up and level her Draenei Hunter, Silea, so that I could make a Death Knight on Nordrassil. I also found out about the pet tab in the spell book. So, I made a new human mage, also named Cadrathya, and sent all kinds of gold to her from my sister’s and dad’s characters so she could buy pets for me. When Wrath hit, Deathdaisy was born.

What beautiful Outland quest gear you have!

What beautiful Outland quest gear you have!

My favourite quests at the time were the Death Knight starting quests, and I absolutely adored Northrend. Honestly, I don’t think anything else inspiring really happened. And then, along came Cataclysm…

Mourning the loss of the Park, and the druids in it.

Mourning the loss of the Park, and the druids in it.

Coming up to Cata, I took part in both of the launch events – the Elemental Rifts, and Operation: Gnomeregan. I rushed to get Deathdaisy up to at least 75 in order to take part in the latter…and then spent a few months doing nothing but Argent Tournament dailies. When Cataclysm came out, I made two brand-spankin’-new characters: Rhea, a Worgen Druid, and Kellista, a Goblin Hunter. I got frustrated with the Xylem quests in Azshara, and deleted Kellista at around 16. Rhea made it all the way to 20, before she, too, got the axe. I also took Deathdaisy around Azeroth for the first month or so, just to see the changes to the world, and to do every new quest. I also created some new druids, but none of them lasted past level 12.

When Mists of Pandaria came out, I decided to get serious about my druids – they are my favourite class, after all. So, over to Cenarion Circle I went, trying my hand at roleplaying. I created 4 druids off the bat, one of each race (I’ll make separate posts later describing them). They are: Kethysa, my Night Elf; Aleer, my Tauren; Isabelledobs, my Worgen; and Zanjun, my troll. I also quickly got Deathdaisy up to 90 and started working on rep grinding – shiny new mounts, tabards, and pets, ahoy! Recently, I also got a few other characters going – Meie, my Pandaren druid monk; Althene, my druid of the flame; Cielbright, my Night Elf priestess, and Mora, my entry into the Iron Man Challenge. So far, she’s level 5, as I have been focusing on leveling my main alts over her. I also intend to level a “For the Neutral” Pandaren – created on Caelestrasz with the name of Tzaziki.

Aleer at level 40.

Aleer at level 40.

I am eagerly looking forward to Warlords of Draenor, and everything I see with item models and character models and zone art and pets and mounts just…GAH. It can’t get here fast enough!

I am a hardcore casual player: I collect pets, mounts, and tabards, I grind reputations, and I farm achievements. I also run dungeons only when I can solo them, and I am working on soloing Vanilla, BC, and WotLK raids. I also want to try my hand at Battlegrounds this summer, though I have no idea what to expect.

I think this blog is going to be a fun project, and I hope to meet some great friends and fellow WoW-junkies while I’m running it!