It’s Alive!!

I haven’t updated this blog in over a year, and I apologize for that. The reason that I made this blog was so that, in addition to having a place to talk about World of Warcraft and my characters, I would have a project that I would keep relatively regularly updating, as a practice in self-discipline. I seem to have…strayed from that original goal.

There are a couple of reasons as to why I haven’t updated in 12 months. First, as a university student, my classes and extra-curriculars during the school year take up 300% of my time, and I don’t even get time to play, much less time to write about playing. Second, as I just said, I haven’t been online a whole lot, for two reasons: I just don’t have time most days, and that leveling my alts has drained my desire to play, particularly in Warlords content. Third, I have also started playing Wildstar when it went F2P, which I will attempt to make the occasional post about on this blog. I haven’t gotten very far in the game, but I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far.

I’m planning on making two more posts between today and tomorrow, which will be actual blog posts. Just keep in mind: if I don’t update for a long time, and there will be times where I don’t, it just means that my daily life is really hectic and I have no time to play and/or update. Thank you so much to everyone who’ve read or followed this blog, and I promise to try my best to do more on here in the coming months.



My home away from home…in WoW

2 weeks ago (wow, I’m falling behind), Syrco Owl posted an interesting question:

I’ve played WoW for many years now and I’ve spent a lot of time running and flying around exploring the different zones and areas in the game. Most of the zones are very unique and nothing like anything I’ve ever seen in real life, but some of them reminds me of where I’m from and they feel like home. (…)Now, tell me: What in WoW reminds you of your home?

As soon as I saw this question, I knew I had to make a post about it. The only problem is, Canada is a very diverse country, and you could drive for 30 minutes and you wouldn’t recognize the scenery. So, I thought about doing my home province. But, while Saskatchewan’s stereotype is that it’s “wheat fields and flat”, it’s actually more diverse than that. Yes, there are fields, but there are also forests and marshes and sand dunes and the Canadian Shield and giant lakes up north. So I took a step back and thought, The question is what reminds me of my home. So, here’s my home! Continue reading

Azeroth in Real Life – Westfall Stew

Before I get started, I feel like I have been neglecting something:

Happy Canada Day, Eh!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

I started reading WoW blogs about a month ago, but really got into the idea of making one myself after stumbling across Kamalia et Alia. I spent most of the last couple of days perusing her blog, and came across an interesting recipe: Westfall Stew. I read through it and thought, hey, this is something I can do! So, my first real foray into the world of Azerothian cooking IRL. I made it for supper for me and my family tonight, and the end result was lovely. It also tasted amazing.

Delicious Westfall Stew.

Delicious Westfall Stew.


I urge everyone reading to check out Kamalia’s blog, and also, to try any Azerothian dishes they want in the real world!

– Katherine